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1nd Floor:

Last updated
25.03. 2008


The house is available from 1st december 2008
Norsk versjon
Skarsten A/S
Risnesbakken 2
N-4056 Tananger
Phone: +47 934 33 480




Very representative house for rent!

We've got a house of very high standard for rent at Snøde in Tananger, just outside Stavanger / Sandnes.
The house has been totally renovated in all rooms in 2000.











2 Floors, totalling 190 m2. ( 1700 sq.ft)
Large mechanical ventilation w/ heatexchange
Fantastic view from both floors, towards west over the entrance and harbor of Risavika.
Large easily maintained property of 860 m2.(7740 sq.ft), w/ some berrybushes & fruit-trees

Large garage, and many parkingspaces.

Parabolantenna w/ decoder (Double head). ISDN telephone installed

Fully or partly furnished!

Monthly rent: 22.000,-NOK + electricity
A depositum or guaranty for 2 months rent will be required.
Tornefjellvegen 20b, Sola


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